Christian Tradition, Study Guide


Important people, terms, and concepts; know their significance for Christianity

  • Gnosis
  • Gnosticism
  • Yaltabaoth (sometimes spelled Ialdabaoth)
  • Sophia (Pistis)
  • Jesus Christ in Gnostic thought
  • Nag Hammadi
  • Understanding and knowledge
  • “bridal chamber” in the Gospel of Philip

Study Questions
  • Who do Gnostics think Jesus is in The Gospel of Truth, and why is he important?  For example, when we read Ignatius’ letters, Jesus’s death and resurrection were the defining features.  For Justin, Jesus is first and foremost the Logos (divine word, reason).  Who is Jesus, Christ, in the Gospel of Truth?






  • Find passages that explain what the Gnostics think about the creation of the world in On the Origin of the World.  Who is God?   Who created matter?  How did humans come into existence?





  • Bring to class a passage from the Gospel of Philip that you want to discuss.